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Location managers can be looking for any number of different locations for projects: Victorian hunting lodges, corner-shops, petrol stations, modern flats, wooden boathouses, rope-bridges, etc.

Our online database has over 1,000 individual locations registered already but we are always looking to add more. We offer a completely FREE and CONFIDENTIAL service promoting potential locations within the Highlands. Any type of property can be submitted, including businesses and exterior locations.

Anonymised images of your property / location are sent out in response to enquiries and your contact details will be disclosed only to legitimate enquirers and all negotiations for the hire of your property will be undertaken between you and the production.

The Location Factsheet (pdf) is full of information for you to consider before deciding to register your property. You can also contact us with any questions about the process.

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Julie Bills

Do you work in the media industry? Do you or your company offer general services which might be of interest to visiting productions? Are you based in the Highland Council area?

Yes? Then why not register on our FREE online Production Guide.

All incoming productions are made aware that there is a considerable skills base in the Highlands and they are encouraged to use it. While the film office doesn’t act as an employment agency we regularly direct people’s attention to the guide.


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